Remember, for failed or erroneous hard drives, the objective is to be able to boot into Windows so that you can backup any important files or data from the drive. Hard drives are one of the most common computer parts that fail without notice. Additionally, hard drive errors can cause many types of Windows errors. Your hard drive is the soul of your PC, the place where all your most important data is stored.

There was no way MS was ever going to update WLM to overcome this issue. MS wants everyone to be using its new Mail app which, in my opinion, is a rubbish alternative. Sure, lots of users have been using Outlook Express and WLM for many years and are reluctant to change. Given my hobby , and my extensive Email archive and world-wide contacts-list , I was really shocked to see this WLM problem after I did the 2004 update yesterday. Ignore the note on that page that says Windows Live Mail no longer works.

Fix 6. Fix MBR and Fix Boot

3.Switch to Compatibility tab in Properties window. 5.Locate the .cache folder then right-click on it and select delete. 3.Re-start Windows Live Mail and see if you’re able to check if youFix Windows Live Mail won’t start problem. If you are currently running Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9.x or 10.x on your server, please review this article from Symantec Support. If you are experiencing problems delivering email to please first ensure that you are following all of the requirements found on our Policies and Guidelines page. Firstly, sign in to theWindows Live Mail application. It would therefore be a good idea to switch in the next week or two.

hard drive errors windows 10

Name the newly created registry keyEnablePeriodicBackup. Press Start, type registry editor, and open the Registry Editor.


If you are connecting to one of these IPs your connection may timeout. You may also configure your outbound email server to do a round-robin DNS lookup for We have acknowledged the reasons for the error code 0x800ccc79.

If you’re on top of your Windows maintenance, you may have already made a backup of the Windows Registry before. This will allow you to quickly restore the Windows Registry using this crucial backup file. Registry Cleaner will begin scanning your Registry for bad entries. In the Settings drop-down menu, you’ll see a “Back Up Changes” option which should have a checkmark to the left of it. If this option isn’t checked, click it to check it. If you accidentally corrupt your computer’s Registry, you may need to restore your operating system from a backup.

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